About Me

My name is Emil Todd Lippe III. I’m a 26-year-old Texan, born and raised in Dallas (yes, I like barbecue). During the end of high school, I found my love for visual storytelling, so I decided to leave Texas and pursue Photojournalism at the University of Missouri, from which I now hold a bachelor’s degree. While there, I learned to become a visual storyteller and connect with people through the events, sports games and issues that I covered.

I could rant on and on about what I do and why I do it but when it comes down to it, my work isn’t about me.

Everything in life — sports, music, culture, faith — is connected and I aim to reveal the vulnerability of the people I encounter by also displaying the strength of their character through my images.

I enjoy most of my time off with my dog, Beasley and love to daydream about my next adventure at a music festival or the next chance I get to go on a safe trip with loved ones. 

Since moving back to Texas in 2020, I am actively pursuing freelance visual work and have recently had bylines in The New York Times, The Associated Press, Getty Images, The Washington Post and The Dallas Morning News, among others. 

I am currently based out of Dallas, available for assignment seven days a week and willing to travel anywhere. Please reach out if you would like to connect and collaborate. 

To learn more about my previous experience, download a copy of my resume.


Phone: 214-364-5352 

E-mail: emil.lippe@gmail.com

Instagram: @etl_photo 

Twitter: @EmilTLippe

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