North Country Community in Isolation

Garland City Beer Works, Watertown. 

The month of March presented our nation with many challenges that, to some degree, we were not prepared to face. A disease that ravaged countries thousands of miles away soon found its way to our very doorstep.

Now, most citizens can’t even step beyond their doors to stay safe. The effects of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) have been felt across the state of New York. As of April 1, over 76,000 confirmed cases have come to light. This invisible catalyst has forced us as a society to take precautions that push us out of our comfort zone and into economic uncertainty.

Millions across the nation lost their jobs, borders are closed, sporting events have been cancelled in addition to school. While only a dozen cases have been confirmed in Jefferson County thus far, the feeling of uncertainty lingers. We don’t know how long it will be until things can return to normal. Right now all we have are each other, even if at a distance.

These photos, slices of the new life was we know it, reflect the starkness that has taken hold. 

Carthage Central High School, Carthage. 

Public Square, Watertown.

KC Nails & Spa, Carthage.

Thompson Boulevard, Watertown. 

Brighton Apartments, Watertown.

A farm near Carthage.

A flag pole at Church of the Nazarene, Carthage. 

US-Canada Border, Wellesley Island.

Thompson Park, Watertown.

A Touch of Grace, Watertown.

Bread aisle, Walmart in Watertown.

Midtown Towers, Watertown. 

Thompson Park, Watertown.

Watertown Golf Club, Watertown.

Adams Recreational Park, Watertown.

A residence in Watertown.

Watertown, as seen from Thompson Park.

Lake's Home Center, Calcium.

Howk Street, Watertown.

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