During my time as a photo editor at the Columbia Missourian, I worked with staff photographers to produce compelling storytelling visuals through both daily assignments and long-term projects for publication in print and online. 

One of my roles as a photo editor at the Columbia Missourian was to oversee college football coverage as an onsite game day editor. I ran across the field to collect memory cards from our photographers during games. I would then caption and tone their best images for immediate publication to our online gallery while also giving them feedback. 

After the game, we would meet with the rest of the team back at the newsroom to determine which images worked best for print. This involved collaboration with writers, editors and designers to produce the most compelling presentation of what had happened both on and off the field.

During the week, in between games, I would work with sports writers, page designers and our staff photographers to produce Tiger Kickoff, a weekly special section dedicated to the Missouri Tigers' football season.

Producing each issue involved a lot of planning from beginning to end. I was in charge of making sure we had the images we needed for every story and cover. I scoured through our archives to find old images that we could possibly use and planned out photo shoots to create new visuals that we needed.

In between my time working on Tiger Kickoff, I coached our staff photographers during their daily assignments. I pushed them to go on feature hunts and edited any galleries or pages for the night editors to approve for print publication on the following day.

Upon graduating and working at other publications, I have continued to enhance my photo editing abilities.

At the beginning of 2020, I was a Photojournalism Intern at the Watertown Daily Times in northern New York. As one of two staff photographers, it was my duty to collaborate with my fellow staffer to get all of the visuals that we needed for print the following day and to communicate with page designers to figure out the best layout for our readers. 

Whether we were in the newsroom or working from home, communication was paramount to succeeding amidst the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

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